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Professional Karate Commission

• Two-Time Hall of Famer 
  (Once for Instructor of the Year)
• Featured in World's Marital Arts
  Hall of Fame & Ohio Black Belt Hall of Fame

Train at Our Self-Defense Classes

Train for a competition or for your own security at The American Karate Academy of Akron. The majority of our classes are supervised by our head instructor, who opened our self-defense school to provide our community's youth with leadership and martial arts skills. Contact us right away at (866) 614-8156 in Akron, Ohio, to learn more about one of he best self-defense schools around for your child's best developmental and safety instruction.

Martial Arts Equipment
No tournament training or private lesson is complete without the proper gear. Whatever you need, we supply it. If we don't have your specific product, we know just how to get it for you. Choose from our fantastic selection, including uniforms, sparring gear, and mouth, foot, and hand guards.
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Tournament Competition Training
Are you preparing for an upcoming martial arts tournament? Come to The American Karate Academy of Akron for training in open-hand defense weapons, breaking, and sparring. Our martial arts instructors help you get ready for any type of open tournament with traditional training, as well as instruction in the Shotokan system and its major katas. Currently, we sponsor the King of the Ring Martial Arts Tournament, so call us at (866) 614-8156 for details.

Corporate Safety Training
That long walk out to your car after work can often be intimidating—especially in the dark. Ensure your employees' safety from building to vehicle with The American Karate Academy of Akron's self-defense school. Each martial arts workshop teaches your workers how to be better aware of their surroundings through excellent safety training and tips. These classes are great for nursing programs, insurance companies, real estate agents, and security guards. You can come to us or have our self-defense instructors come to you for training. We require a minimum of 10 people per group.

Call our self-defense school at (866) 614-8156 in
Akron, Ohio, to organize a group training session for your workplace.